The Song of Seven (Spoiler Free!) Review

“Do you know the Seven, the Seven,
Do you know the Seven Ways?”

-Tonke Dragt, The Song of Seven 

Hi everyone! I recently received a copy of The Song of Seven by Tonke Dragt from Pushkin Press, who I love for publishing stories from all around the world, often in English for the first time! The Song of Seven was translated from Dutch and it’s a classic childrens adventure story.


Here’s the blurb:

Deep in the woods, a young boy is kept prisoner by his uncle. He cannot meet other children, or have any friends. He holds the key to a secret. 

Meanwhile, in a quiet village, Frans the schoolteacher invents stories of perilous deeds, shipwrecks, desert islands, and haunted castles to entertain his pupils. Then one stormy evening, a letter blows onto his doormat, summoning him to a meeting. 

Suddenly, Frans is on a real-life mission, one in which he will encounter magicians, secret passages, conspiracies, hidden treasure and a sealed parchment which predicts the future. 

He will learn the secret of the Seven Ways. He will find seven allies. And he will make a fearsome enemy. The adventure has begun… 

This middle grade book is a classic adventure story that’s playful at times and bizarre at others! I loved that the main character was a schoolteacher, the interactions between him and his pupils and their relationship was touching to read about, and it was fun how the children and the story were always one step ahead of him!

The story twists and turns as it unravels at an exciting pace, with magicians, secret passages, prophecies and more popping out from every corner, making it a fun and magical read.

Overall, I enjoyed this one, but it was a little too strange for my liking, so I’m giving it 3/5 stars. I’d recommend it if you or a child are interested in reading stories of adventure and imagination that’s bold and surreal!

Thanks for reading everyone! Has anyone else read this one? What did you think of it? Do you like reading classic childrens stories? Which are your favourites?























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