Illumicrate Howler Box Unboxing!

“Break the chains, my love.”

-Pierce Brown, Red Rising 

Hi everyone! I’m excited to share with you this unboxing of the second of Illumicrate’s special edition boxes! If you don’t want to see any spoilers of the Howler Box, then look away now!


The box was heavy and absolutely packed with goodies, but one thing I was particularly impressed with was the quality of those pieces.

Are you ready to see?!

The first thing I pulled out of the box was this GORGEOUS tote bag. Made of good quality fabric, it’s really thick and not like the flimsy cotton tote bags you usually see! I love a good tote bag so I was really impressed with this one. Plus the design is really striking! It was designed by Goodnight Kittens.

Also made really well with thick material is this red beanie hat, lettered by Crini, which was a fun addition to the box.


MUG!! I always love getting mugs from bookish boxes. Or Etsy. Or Society 6. Basically, give me alllll the bookish mugs please! This Team Howler mug is made out of enamel and designed by Hey Atlas Creative.

Fittingly, to go with the mug there were these two engraved wooden coasters by R Jack, which I particularly like the design of as they’re simple and classy and wouldn’t look out of place on a stylish coffee table!


Two of my favourite items were these! Iron Rain epsom bath salts and Haemanthus Blossom lip balm! How cool are they?! I looooove the packaging and I adore getting bath and beauty products in these boxes, it’s so much fun! Both were created by Glasgow Soap Company.


Next up is this art print by Phantom Rim and these amazing, double-sided bookmarks by Merwild, featuring exclusive character artwork just for Illumicrate. I love that we got a set of five bookmarks, that’s such a fab idea!


Another two items I SERIOUSLY ADORED were this gorgeous, foil covered notebook, which was an exclusive from Hodderscape for this box, as was the patch, and this lovely calendar that was designed by Hey Atlas Creative and features fab imagery and quotes for every month of the year! The 14-pointed star symbol was also designed by Hey Atlas Creative.

Also seen at the bottom of this photo is this cute enamel pin designed by Fable & Black and an equally cute keyring designed by Hannah Hitchman.


Finally, there were these cool socks, designed by Illumicrate (again they feel really nice and are well made), and a hardback copy of Iron Gold with an author letter from Pierce Brown and a signed bookplate!


I was so happy with everything in this box and am feeling really excited to read Red Rising now, as I’ve got all of the books on my shelves! Plus, how fun that I get to read it with all these cool, themed goodies surrounding me!

Here’s the full unboxing:


You can still get your hands on one of these Howler boxes on the Illumicrate website, or their February box, which will be the first ever quarterly box that’s themed! You can get one here. The theme is Rise Up! And the featured book is a retelling of rebellion, featuring the amazing female warrior you’ve always wanted, and the box will have items inspired by The Winner’s Series, Harry Potter, Hamilton, Star Wars, and An Ember in the Ashes! It will also feature an exclusive ARC that’s the first in a new series by a bestselling UK YA author. Remember to use the code COSY10 for 10% off!

Thanks for reading everyone! Has anyone else received this box? What were your favourite items? Who else is a fan of Red Rising?


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