My 2018 Bookish Resolutions

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice.”

T.S. Eliot

Hi everyone! Nope, I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of 2017 either. I’ve been thinking over what I should make as my bookish resolutions for 2018 – in 2017 my goal was to read 150 books, which I wasn’t sure would be possible, but I ended up overshooting it by a massive amount – I’ve now read 251 books and counting!!

However, I’m going to have less reading time in 2018 so I’m not as concerned with numbers of books read, similarly, I’m not going to focus on tackling the vast number of books unread on my shelves (about 100 at my last count, give or take), as with less reading time I’ll have to focus on books sent to me for review instead.

So, I’ve decided it would be really fun to pick one author each year and read through their works. 2018 will be my year of Fitzgerald!


I absolutely adore The Great Gatsby and have just finished a re-read of it, but weirdly I haven’t read any other of Fitzgerald’s novels!

For my birthday this year I got this gorgeous set of his novels that I’d been lusting after for YEARS:


So I’m really excited to delve into the world of flappers and pearls and reading gorgeous hardbacks!

Other authors that I’ve only read one or two books of that have larger bodies of work I want to dig deeper into include; Daphne Du Maurier, Henry James, Charles Dickens, Fyodor Dostoevsky, and probably some others I’m forgetting!

What are all of your bookish resolutions for 2018? And did you achieve everything you wanted to for 2017? Let me know!

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  1. I also want to read more Fitzgerald in 2018. The only book of his I have read so far is The Great Gatsby which I read earlier this year and I loved it. I’m also plan on reading more Dostoevsky in 2018 and I hoping to work my way through the rest of Henry James work as he became a new favourite author of mine after reading The Portrait of a Lady and absolutely loving it. I’ve also read The Europeans by Henry James and loved that too. As well as these I’m also planning on tackling two of Leo Tolstoy’s biggest books nexy year Anna Karenina and War and Peace. If you would like to buddy reading any of Fitzgerald, Dostoevsky or James then I defintely would be up for that. Merry Christmas x


  2. Little but Fierce says:

    That is quite possibly the most beautiful set of books I’ve ever seen! I’m like you, I love The Great Gatsby but haven’t read any of his other books! Apparently his wife was a fantastic writer too so I would love to read some of her work as well.


  3. barelysofia says:

    You read 251 books this year!? Wow, congratulations, that’s awesome! Please do a post on how to balance everyday life and reading haha
    (If you can’t tell, reading more books next year is my bookish resolution!)

    PS: that book set is beautiful.

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    1. I did! Well my grand total was 256 in the end! Hehe I will do, I have two posts about that in the works! And thank you so much! 💕

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  4. vanessawolfe says:

    I’ve been meaning to re-read The Great Gatsby. All those editions are swoon-worthy. I might have to pick some of those up! I like your goal. I do have a numerical goal of 45 book this year, but I hope they are all quality reads. Have a happy reading year!

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    1. I adore The Great Gatsby and thanks! I’ve been wanting for them for years so it was lovely to finally get my hands on them! And I hope you reach all your goals and read amazing books 💕


  5. That’s such a good idea for a resolution! Congratulations on the amount you’ve read this year btw, that’s amazing!
    Amy xx

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    1. Thanks! I’m happy with it! And aw thank you, you’re too sweet! 💕


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