My Festive TBR! (AKA how many more books can I cram into 2017?)

““Mistletoe,” said Luna dreamily, pointing at a large clump of white berries placed almost over Harry’s head. He jumped out from under it.
“Good thinking,” said Luna seriously. “It’s often infested with nargles.””

-J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 

Hi everyone! It’s that time of year where we’re all cramming as many books as possible in, desperate to meet our reading challenges, and finish up those last few titles we’ve been meaning to get around to for ages. And despair at all the other books we didn’t get around to. 

My festive TBR that I want to read before 2017 ends (How. HOW has this year shot by so quickly?!) is a mixture of cute, Christmassy contemporaries I’ve been picking up in the last few months and saving for December, ARCs I’ve been sent that fulfill my longing for magical reads this time of year, and a touch of mystery. These are the types of books I’m drawn to each year, to read by the light of the Christmas tree, mug of hot chocolate in hand, snuggled up under a fluffy blanket…

So, here’s my festive TBR:

IMG_2850 (1).JPG


Thin Air by Michelle Paver

This one had the most intriguing blurb, I just have to post it here:

The Himalayas, 1935

Kangchenjunga. The sacred mountain. 
Biggest killer of them all. 

Five Englishmen set out to conquer it.
But courage can only take them so far. 
And the higher they climb, the darker it gets. 

I love fiction about explorers, and I love books set in snowy or mountainous settings, so this blurb instantly had me hooked. Plus, it’s described as a ghost story, so I mean, I HAVE to know what happens! Clearly. At only about 230 ish pages, it’s a shorter one I should easily be able to slot in one weekend.

The Cute Christmas Contemporaries

These are all the cute contemporaries that I picked up for the festive period! I tend to lean towards adult contemporaries as I like a bit of Christmas romance! And I usually prefer books set in the US to the UK. (No idea why, but I’m rarely drawn to UK adult contemporaries!) And I always zoom through these super fast, so it’s nice to have a few.

A Winter Affair by Minna Howard is set in the Swiss Alps, and looks like a festive, romantic read, and as I’m off to Switzerland after Christmas, this one is going in my suitcase!

Moonlight over Manhattan by Sarah Morgan. The latest instalment in her series of standalones, I picked this one up when it first came out and have been hoarding it for my holiday, as well! Sarah Morgan is my go-to romance author, and her books never disappoint! They’re fun, have great settings and characters, and the romance is lovely, as well as saucy. I’m really looking forward to this one!

I Heart Forever by Lindsey Kelk is the latest book in her I Heart series, which I really recommend you picking up if you like romance, strong friendships with plenty of hilarity and fab settings around the US and Europe. Another one for my suitcase!

Christmas at Little Beach Street Bakery by Jenny Colgan. The third book in her Beach Street Bakery series, read this for lots of mouth-watering baking, a festive setting, and the cutest puffin EVER. Seriously, it’s worth reading along to meet Neil the puffin.

The ARCs

If you regularly read my blog, (thank you, you lovely human!) then you’ll know I’m very lucky to get sent ARCs by various publishers. (Advance Reading Copies) I happen to have quite the stack of books to read and review at the moment, but these are the ones that I currently haven’t read yet and would love to get to before the year ends!

Orphan Monster Spy by Matt Killeen. A YA thriller set in the second world war, this book comes out in March and has thoroughly intrigued me. I can’t wait to read it!

The Toymakers by Robert Dinsdale. This one is a magical adult fiction that’s set in a toyshop, in London, during the first world war, and sounds utterly charming. It just looks really festive, so I’d love to read this over Christmas! It comes out in February.

The Girl in the Tower by Katherine Arden. The second book in the magical Russian trilogy after The Bear and the Nightingale, this one screams winter! It comes out in January, and the snowy Russian setting and magical and dark fairy tales are exactly what I love this time of year.

Not if I Save you First by Ally Carter. This YA adventure is set in Alaska and looks like a really fun, interesting read. I’m planning on taking this one away on holiday with me, too! It will come out in March.


And that’s it! Wish me luck for getting all these read before 2018 emerges with a whole new set of books that I’m desperate to read! Have you read any of these/got any of these on your TBRs? What are you all hoping to read in the rest of December?

Thanks for reading everyone!


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