Illumicrate Grisha Box Unboxing!

““Kaz leaned back. “What’s the easiest way to steal a man’s wallet?”
“Knife to the throat?” asked Inej.
“Gun to the back?” said Jesper.
“Poison in his cup?” suggested Nina.
“You’re all horrible,” said Matthias.””

-Leigh Bardugo, Six of Crows 

Hi everyone! Yesterday the Illumicrate one-off, special edition Grisha box arrived in my life and filled me with magical joy!

It was honestly perfect and soooo amazing as I’m a HUGE Leigh Bardugo fan, so let’s get unboxing! (This is the part with spoilers, you have been warned!)


The box was huge and gorgeous and just filled with goodies and I AM ALL THE EXCITEMENT


On top of the box was this tote bag with gorgeous artwork by Charlie Bowater of my faves from Six of Crows. This photo doesn’t do it justice and I’m in looooove.

Next up is this full-sized, glass jar candle called Midnight Tales by Book & Glow. It smells like sea storm and gingerbread and is just gorgeous and nice and sparkly, too! I adore bookish candles and it was so fab to get a big one in a book box! Definitely one of my favourite items!!


Here we have a charcoal black soap called Dirtyhands from Butter Bar Soapery, which I found amusing with the colour and name plus it smells good.

And a Sun Summoner tea blended by T-ology, inspired by Sankta Alina of course. And can we talk about how insanely cool it is to have an entire box for one fandom? I’m loving all the Grisha goodness here!!


This is a cute little lipbalm called The Tailor, inspired by Genya Safin of course, by Literary Lip Balm, which smells really delicious and feels even nicer on my lips! I love little pots of lip balms, especially in winter, so this was a cute extra.


Socks! These fab socks were designed by Illumicrate and will be fab for future sock Sunday posts on bookstagram!


Another one of my favourite items, I ADORE this enamel mug. Made by Temporary Places, I’m so happy to have some Ketterdam love in mug form! This beauty is already on my shelves ahaha.


I’m not a huge pin person, but these designs are just gorgeous! I liked that there was one for the Grisha trilogy as well as one for the Six of Crows duology. Designed by Fable & Black, they’re too cute!


I ADORE this bookmark! It’s a wooden bookmark from Ink & Wonder, with one of my favourite characters, Nikolai Lantsov quoted on it! (Side note: Can we all petition Illumicrate to curate another special edition box when Nikolai’s first book comes out?!) I’ve been using this bookmark already as I read Language of Thorns and it makes me so happy that it’s thematically appropriate!!


I think these might actually be my favourite items included in this box! I’m just OBSESSED with the gorgeous artwork and as I’m a huge traveller, the design of these postcards by Posternaut really appeal to me! I want to frame them and put them in my library.

Next up, is this gorgeous book sleeve by Sparrow + Wolf, inspired by the three mythical amplifiers in the Grisha trilogy with one side night and the other day. And did I mention it’s preeeeetty? You can never have enough book sleeves so I’m soooo happy this was included in this box! (Although my heart still belongs to the two my husband has made me by hand because is there a more romantic gift?!)


Just in case you thought this box couldn’t get ANY BETTER, I present to you… THIS notebook!!!! Gah. I can never write in this. Fact. AN exclusive item from Team Bkmrk, this notebook is soooo lovely and it was fabulous to get a Language of Thorns merch item included! This item is another one of my faves in case you couldn’t guess!


Annnnd here’s The Language of Thorns in all its stunning glory!! Seriously, if you don’t already own this book, YOU NEED IT. It is stunning, with beautiful, full-colour illustrations and gorgeous gold foil on the cover. I’ve already read a few stories but I’m savouring this one!

And here’s the letter from Leigh Bardugo that was included!


I’m beyond thrilled and happy about this Grisha edition box – Illumicrate seriously blew me away with this one!

If you’re interested in getting some Illumicratey goodness in your life, then you can get their November box here. It will have two books in it, an exclusive edition hardback with a diverse cast, witty lead and an out of this world heist and an ARC with an exclusive cover that doesn’t come out until May! You can use COSY10 to save yourself 10% off the price when you check out!

Did anyone else get this box? What were your favourite items in it? Who’s also reading The Language of Thorns? Thoughts?



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  1. scorpiobookdreams says:

    Great unboxing! I missed out on this and I’m so jealous! I hope the woodmark, pins, and prints of the tote become available to buy eventually.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for reading! Aw that sucks, I hope you find them eventually!


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