August Illumicrate Unboxing!

Hey everyone! I can’t believe I’ve already got another Illumicrate box-it feels like it’s gone by so quickly since the last one! (Illumicrate boxes are quarterly, with the exception of the VERY special, one-off Grisha box that’s shipping late September! Eeek!)

I feel like I say this every box, but I was so so impressed with the August box! It came with so many goodies that I seriously adored. Spoilers are coming your way now, so if you haven’t received your August Illumicrate, look away now!


So, first up was this really cool book money jar! I’ve never seen one of these in a book box before and thought it was a really amazing addition! Very useful and unique. It’s from Blossom Books.

Next, I pulled out this Red Church Tea, exclusive to Illumicrate from T-ology. It smells lovely! I can’t wait to try it.



I’m just launching in to tell you that this is maybe my FAVOURITE ITEM EVER OF ALL TIME. An ALETHIOMETER COASTER. And if you don’t know what that is, then we can’t be friends anymore. The artwork is by Hannah Hitchman Art, exclusively for Illumicrate and I LOVE IT.

My only complaint is that it’s a coaster and not a real alethiometer…. but I’m working on that. *shuffles secret plans aside*



Next up, we have this gorgeous pouch with exclusive artwork by Miss Phi. It’s inspired by Shakespeare, which I thought was fun and a bit different, and it’s a lovely, big size! Perfect for travelling.

There’s also these sticky booktabs that I adore and can’t wait to use (I always seem to lose mine… What is that?!) also by Blossom Books.

And this Wisdom Journal, exclusively designed by Hey Atlas Creative. It’s a dot grid notebook which I like, plus I also love getting notebooks in book boxes! So useful.



One of the many things Illumicrate are great at, are including publishers goodies and swag. In this box, we got a Wonder Woman pin, Moxie pins, and a handful of bookmarks. Which are always good for bookworms!


And then there were the books.

Yep, BOOKS. As in, two of them. Again. And one was an ARC. Again. *Swoons with excitement*

We got this exclusive covered ARC, Nyxia by Scott Reintgen, which looks really fab.


Annnnd the feature book, which was….





Let’s just let that sink in for a minute….


Look at that beauty. These red stained pages are exclusive to Illumicrate as well, making them even more special!

Here’s the full unboxing:


Gorgeous, isn’t it?!

You can order Illumicrates from here, and make sure you use the code COSY10 to get yourself 10% off your box!

The next box will be the November box, but if you can’t wait until then, then check out the extra special Grisha box, available to buy now and shipping in late September. It will have a hardback of The Language of Thorns in it, along with over ten goodies! Some of the suppliers have already been announced and it looks amazing. Go and have a look!

Did anyone else get this box? What were your favourite items in this box? And who’s excited for The Language of Thorns?!


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