Not Working (Spoiler Free!) Review

“So, I think, watching our Good White Towels blush slowly pink in the washing machine, that really is a thing that still happens in this day and age, after all.”

-Lisa Owens, Not Working

Hey guys! Not too long ago, I was very lucky to have been sent this awesome promotional package from Picador to celebrate the release of Not Working by Lisa Owens. I love the goodies and I REALLY loved the book.


Not Working is about Claire, a woman who’s recently left her job with no idea what she wanted to do next, only that she wanted to do something a bit different, or make a change in her life. Told in bits and pieces, we see both random insights into a number of topics and longer chapters on Claire’s life.

This book was wickedly funny.

I loved the mixture between short snippets and longer bits, keeping everything fresh and easy to read… and easier still to carry on reading, long past the point when you really should have stopped and done something else! Claire’s perspective brought this entire book to life for me. She’s down to earth and modern, worries constantly about both bigger questions concerning her future, and little details, and is completely floundering in finding her place in the world. Which is something that I think most of us can relate to at some point or another.

Oh, and did I mention it’s funny?

Claire thinks that she should be spending her time job searching productively-reading up on current affairs, going to art galleries, getting around to finishing Ulysses…. But in reality, time has a funny way of sneaking out from under her and she’s far more likely to spend her days entering competitions and faffing about online while wearing pyjamas. Not to mention, her long-term boyfriend is concerned about her and her mum isn’t taking her calls anymore. Reading about her thoughts and struggles is a lot more entertaining than I thought it would be and would definitely resonate with any working woman or lack-of-work-ing woman who’s wondered what she should be doing with her life. The little snippets of Claire’s perspectives on different things and people she comes across in her daily life made me giggle, and I practically read the entire book in one sitting. It’s easy to get into and, more importantly, keep reading until the end. At only 271 pages, it’s a quick read and well worth the time to put a smile on your face.

Addictive, heart-warming and well written, I’m giving Not Working 4/5 stars and a big recommendation for all adult contemporary fans to check it out!

Has anyone else read this one? What did you think of it? What other books have amused you lately?


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