Book and Nook Netflix Madness Unboxing!

The lies I tell myself: “Just one more episode.”

Hey guys! I’m SO excited to unbox the June Book and Nook candle subscription box today! Its theme was Netflix Madness, which I was VERY excited about (I contributed a few ideas to this one which was exciting!), and if you haven’t received your box yet then look away now because there are going to be spoilers!


It is going to be HARD trying to work out which candle is my favourite from this box as they all smell so divine!

The candles were inspired by key locations and foods in some of my favourite Netflix shows ever- Pretty Little Liars, Gilmore Girls, Riverdale, Stranger Things and An Unexpected Series of Events- which is the only one I haven’t read or seen. The other four are firm favourites of mine so my anticipation for this box was HIGH. As usual, the lovely Bella behind Book and Nook didn’t disappoint!



First up was Coffee at Luke’s, inspired by Gilmore Girls, with a scent of strong, black coffee. This one was the first thing I smelt when I opened the box! I love coffee so this one will be perfect to burn while I write. Or, ya know, re-watch some of the cosier, coffee-filled eps of Gilmore Girls. (Which is basically ALL OF THEM). The candle is a gorgeous coffee brown colour, with brown glitter on top that didn’t photograph too well as I gave up waiting for a sunny day to take these photos and took them, rain and fog and all, this morning!


Next up was this Pretty Little Liars inspired candle, called Drinks at Radley’s. It smells like sparkling wine and pomegranate and is a lovely cream colour with plenty of (blood) red glitter on top! (And we all know how I feel about liberal amounts of glitter.) I adore this scent and it smells like a gorgeous, sophisticated cocktail to me!



Next up we have Dessert with the Baudelaires, which is inspired by An Unfortunate Series of Events and smells like freshly baked apple pie… Guys. GUYS. It *actually* smells like freshly baked apple pie! You’ve got the apple scent in there along with this gorgeous biscuity, sweet, warm scent of the pastry and it is heavenly! It’s a sunshine yellow colour with a generous dusting of iridescent glitter on top, which I’ve tried to capture in these two photos, but they didn’t really do it justice! When the weather clears up, I’ll do a nicer, shimmery one on my bookstagram so you can all swoon along with me!


Oh look, another candle I’m struggling not to EAT. Or at least lick. Waffles with Eleven is inspired by Stranger Things and smells like a DREAM. A beautiful dream of waffles, caramel and strawberry and it’s so pretty on top, like it’s been decorated with swirls of strawberry syrup and dusted with sugar. Plus the candle is waffle coloured! And did I mention THE SCENT?! It’s sweet and beautiful and just generally delicious.



Finally, we have Milkshake at Pop’s, which is inspired by Riverdale and smells like chocolate, milk and strawberry. Or, in other words, another DELICIOUS candle. It smells like a chocolate milkshake with a fruity twist and makes me 1000% hungry. It’s a beautiful strawberry milkshake coloured candle with brown and green and white glitter on top, making it super pretty and sparkly!

As with every box, there are five candles that are all surprises to fit the theme of the box, along with a bookmark and a little surprise item! This month, the surprise item was an adorable little notebook!


How CUTE is that?! And the bookmark is reversible; on this side it says: The lies I tell myself: “Just one more episode.” Which is totally relateable, and the reverse side matches the theme card- you can see it in some of the candle photos above!

And here is the full unboxing, all together:


My favourite scents in order, are:

Nope, can’t do it. I LOVE THEM ALL.

I’m so excited for the July box now, which is I Ship It, and the August theme is going to be announced very soon on Book and Nook, (link), so keep an eye out! And remember, you can use my code, COSY10 to get yourself 10% off all subscription boxes and candles in their Etsy shop! (Link here.)

Thanks for reading my unboxing! Who else got this box? Which candles were your favourites? I’m going to have a hard time voting which one gets to make it into the shop as a full size candle! Who else loves sweet scents like me?


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  1. Lorna says:

    Do they have Cheesecake with The Golden Girls? That should be a thing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No they don’t! Are The Golden Girls on Netflix? I’ve never seen it! 😅


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