You Know You’re a Bookstagrammer When…

Hey guys! Today I tried something a little different… Let me know what you think and if you’d like to see more of these kinds of blog posts from me?




You Know You’re a Bookstagrammer When…


You sometimes spend more time looking through bookstagram instead of, ya know, actually reading.

You can happily stare at your book collection for hours.

Just thinking about the algorithm frustrates you.

Sudden and dramatic cloud cover mid-photo is a real fear.

You’re obsessed with merch.

Seeing all those pretty books has made you add countless books to your wishlists. Of which you have several. Across different sites.

Your shelves are decorated with funko pops.

You know the workout that is spending hours taking photos of books.

You have a collection of bookish mugs that are purely decorative and must never be drunk out of.

You instantly look for ships as soon as you start a new book.

You know the struggle of holding up a stack of books. That are hardbacks. On one hand.

You go prop shopping and are hyper aware of your aesthetics.

You constantly debate with yourself which way you should arrange your bookshelves.

Sometimes you really wish you had a third hand to get that perfect shot.

You’ve bought a book purely for the cover. And you’re proud af of it.

You’ve burnt yourself/spilled hot wax/coffee/nearly burned down your home all in the pursuit of getting that perfect shot.

You own multiple editions of the same book. Because is it even possible to just have one copy of the Philosopher’s Stone?

You get excited when a new season arrives, because nothing reinvigorates your love of taking new bookstagram photos like artfully arranging PSLs and golden leaves around a book.

Getting an ARC fills you with excitement.

You have fully intended to take part in a new challenge, but didn’t quite manage to last the month.

You know exactly how many books you want to read this year, how many you’ve already read and how many you’ve read this month.

You’ve recruited someone else to help you get that perfect shot.

Seeing other people with ARCs of your most anticipated books is HARD.

You’ve got a distinctive style for your flat lays. That’s constantly evolving.

You collect Clothbound Classics/Drop Cap Classics/Penguin in Bloom/Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classics/*insert other gorgeous editions to collect here.*

Bookish candles = life.

You’ve artfully decorated a mug of coffee/tea/cold water just for aesthetics that you haven’t actually drunk.

You know the pain of waiting at least a year for the next book in a fave series.

Opening your bookish subscription boxes is like a burst of Christmas and birthday mornings in one.

Angles can be a struggle.

You know the little thrill of having one of your photos make the top posts on a hashtag.

Reading through comments on your photos makes you smile.

Belle’s library makes you drool.

You know which house you’re in in Hogwarts and Ilvermony and have intense house pride. And house merch. And know which bookstagrammers are also in your house.

No matter how much you read, your TBR always seems to grow.

You’ve felt the acute embarrassment of trying to take photos outside. While people look at you weirdly.

You have a large collection of bookmarks.

You’ve scrolled through your feed with half-closed eyes to avoid spoilers while you’re waiting for your subscription box to arrive.

You’ve bought food before, just for your photos, that you’ve eaten before you could use it.

You can recognise your friends’ accounts, just from the style of their photos.

You’re instantly conflicted when the weather forecasts a week of rain: Rain = perfect, cosy reading weather… But how will you take bookstagram photos?!

And, best of all, you met your now best friends on bookstagram.


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  1. YES. YES. YES. (multiply by like 10) I always feel so guilty about buying the same edition of a book…yet I still do it. 😁 And yeah, um Belle lives my DREAM.

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    1. hehe thanks for reading! And same and SAME 💃

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  2. caughtbythepages says:

    Reblogged this on caughtbythepages and commented:
    This is scarily accurate!

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    1. hehe thanks for the reblog! Glad you liked it! 😊

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  3. These are so cute and SO ACCURATE 😂 I laughed out loud a few times cause I literally do the exact same thing. Love this post! ❤️

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    1. Thanks so much! Hehe I’m glad you liked it! 😅😊

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  4. This made me giggle! I particularly like the last one 😉

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    1. me tooo 😏 and thanks for reading! I’m glad it made you giggle!


  5. Haha this is so fun! I definitely relate to a few of these even though I wouldn’t call myself a bookstagrammer necessarily. Not enough props and all that! But staring at bookshelves, loving new seasons for the pictures, multiple copies, yes yes!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thanks for reading! And bookstagrammers are all bookworms so a lot of the things work for both! 😊 Thanks for reading!


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