Truth or Dare (Spoiler Free!) Review

“”I’m Truth Girl and he’s…”

“Dare Boy.”

I spliced in a shot of the pair of us doing stupid poses overlaid with the words INTERNET SUPERHEROES!”

-Non Pratt, Truth or Dare

Hey guys! I was lucky to receive an ARC of the new YA contemporary, Truth or Dare by Non Pratt from the lovely people at Walker Books.

Truth or Dare is a flippy book-first you start with Part One, in Claire’s POV, then, when you’ve finished her story, you flip the book to read Part Two, in Sef’s POV. (Plus there’s a short Part Three after that, where the POVs interchange between Claire and Sef.) I love reading books like this, as it’s a fun way to easily distinguish between the characters’ voices, and, let’s face it, a bit of a novelty.


In this book, we have a clear juxtaposition between the two main characters. There’s Claire, who hates being the centre of attention, but has a desperate crush on Sef, which makes her takes risks to get him to notice her. And then, there’s Sef. Sef has an older brother who’s recently and tragically become disabled and needs financial help that his family can’t provide. Sef is prepared to do whatever it takes to get him the money that he needs, even when it comes to putting Claire’s love and life at risk.

This is my first book I’ve read by Non Pratt, but I was really impressed with how Pratt captures the teen voices and characters so well-the characters are very three-dimensional and realistic, facing real concerns like the use of social media in our society and how that can be both a negative and positive experience. Sef and Claire come up with the idea to start a YouTube channel to raise money, with the two of them anonymously doing truths and dares on camera. Claire is “Truth Girl” and Sef is “Dare Boy”. As we get deeper into the plot, the stakes rise and the truths and dares get riskier, ultimately reaching a point where Sef is prepared to risk anything if it means getting his brother the help he needs.

Truth or Dare was a fun and heartwarming read that delved into the complex relationships we have with family, friends and romantic relationships, as well as deeper themes of race and gender and sexuality, which were all dealt with very thoughtfully and respectfully. It was addictive and I got into it instantly and shipped Claire and Sef from the start-I particularly liked the snappy dialogue between the two of them that really brought this novel to life. The one complaint I have is that it ended a little abruptly for me-I would have loved to have found out what happened next! I’m giving this one 4/5 stars and I definitely recommend it to fans of YA contemporaries as it’s a great addition to the genre!

{Truth or Dare came out 1st June in the UK and is 383 pages long. Trigger warnings: Bullying, abuse, cyber-bullying, and the nature of Sef’s Brother’s accident and his subsequent learning to live with a disability and Sef’s feelings towards that are obviously sad and difficult at times.}

Has anyone else read this one? What did you think of it? What YA contemporaries have you all been reading lately?



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  1. avireads says:

    Loved this review, Mia! I’ve been seeing this book in some subscripttion box (I can’t remember which one) and I saw your IG story where you show your new books, and it made me really interested in this book. I might end up buying it later this year 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Avi! It was in my Illumicrate 😊 and it was a good read! 👌


    It was my first Non Pratt’s book and I actually devoured it. I can’t wait to read more from her!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Same here!! I just instantly loved her writing style!

      Liked by 1 person

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