Borrowed Souls (Spoiler Free!) Review

“The list of things she wouldn’t do to help her brother was short, but renting a soul was already on the outer limits of her comfort zone…”

Chelsea Mueller, Borrowed Souls 

Hey guys! As a lot of you know, although I much prefer fiction, I do read quite widely across genres, but one of the genres I like that I never seem to mention as much, is urban fantasy. So it was a great surprise when Borrowed Souls by Chelsea Mueller turned up in my mail, thanks to the lovely Kristin Dwyer and Skyhorse Publishing.


Borrowed Souls follows main character Callie Delgado, who would do anything for her family-including emptying her savings account and risking her job…. But when her troublemaker brother finds himself in deeper trouble than ever, Callie has a choice: Delve into the gritty underworld of soul renting to do some work for the mob, or have her brother returned to her in pieces.

The book is set in Gem City and in this fictional fantasy world, there is a huge religious population, and sinning has real consequences. However, those that want to do something immoral or illegal can rent a soul and sin without consequence, making soul renting a big, expensive business in the seedy underbelly of the city. The descriptions of the city and the world building were some of my favourite parts, with the idea of soul-renting a unique premise that I haven’t encountered in an urban fantasy before!

I really felt for Callie; her determination to do everything she could for her family was, in my opinion, both her greatest strength and weakness-I wished her brother and mother would have been more appreciative of her efforts, but the development in her character as she grew braver and struggled to determine how much her loyalty to her family is worth was great. It’s always nice to read about a strong female character, and seeing Callie juggling everything that life throws at her has you rooting for her the entire time.

We’re introduced quite early on to another main character: the guarded but hot Derek, who works in the soul-renting business and is designated to accompany Callie as she navigates her new work. The two are instantly attracted to each other and make a good team, which was fun to read about! The entire book was written really well, with snappy dialogue, some steamy bits and a really fresh addition to the urban fantasy genre! Although there is a strong undercurrent of romance, the root of the novel definitely focuses more on the gritty business of soul magic. There is also a great cast of secondary characters, which I don’t want to say too much about for fear of spoilers, but there are a range of characters, all of which possess their own agendas and keep the plot active.

Although I really enjoyed reading about this world and the interaction between Callie and Derek, I didn’t click with the book as much as I wanted to-just one of those things unfortunately! So I’m giving this one a 3.5/5 stars. However, I definitely recommend you try it for yourself if you’re a fan of urban fantasy or want to try something new!

{Borrowed Souls is already out now and is the first book in the new Soul Charmer series by Chelsea Mueller. At 305 pages it’s easy to get into and a fun read, although not one for younger readers-with the main character aged 22, this falls into the New Adult age range.}

Has anyone else read this one? What did you think? Who else is a fan of urban fantasy and which are your favourite reads from the genre?


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