The Space Between the Stars Blog Tour

Hey guys! Today I’m taking part in The Space Between the Stars blog tour, organised by the lovely people at Pan Macmillan. I’m very excited to bring you an extract from this upcoming adult Sci-Fi novel, so you can all have a little read and see if this is a book to add to your TBRs.

This novel follows Jamie who wakes just as her fever subsides, on a distant planet. The fever was meant to wipe out humanity’s colonies across the stars… Could everyone else be dead? She’d left her partner Daniel after the miscarriage of their baby and now she’s stranded and alone. Until she receives a garbled message from Earth, from someone in her past that could be alive. When she finds a few others also seeking Earth, the group of them must cross space to realise their tentative dream,, despite clashing with others that seem dead set on repeating humanity’s mistakes.

Ultimately, it’s a novel of love, being human and how far you’ll go to find your way home.

The following extract is from The Space Between the Stars by Anne Corlett::




Nought point nought one.

Not even a whole person. There shouldn’t have been enough of her left to do the maths.
A cramp stabbed through her stomach and up into the space beneath her ribs, doubling her over.
It was just an estimate. Maybe other people had done what she’d done, and locked themselves away the second they’d felt that first itch in their throat. But then it hadn’t been hard for her to follow the emergency advice. There was no one depending on her, no one wanting her close. But if she’d still been with Daniel, would one of them have given in and crawled to the other, seeking warmth and comfort and the reassurance of another heart beating near theirs?
His name slammed into her, and she put her hands to her head, waiting for the reverberations of that thought to stop, so that she could start feeling something.


Daniel, she thought, more deliberately this time. The man with whom she’d spent the last thirteen years.

The man she’d loved.

Still loved.



That was a distraction she didn’t need right now. She stood up straight, moving slowly and carefully as though the air might shatter at an incautious movement, and reached for the towel hanging beside the sink. It was a threadbare rag of a thing that looked as if it had been here since the first settlers, but towels were just one of the things she’d forgotten when she left Alegria. She’d arrived with only a handful of clothes and essentials, plus a few personal bits and pieces. Daniel had taken it as a good sign. Your stuff is all where you left it, he’d told her, in one of his mails. Whenever you want it.

Whenever you want me. That’s what he’d really been saying. I want you now.

The thought caught her by surprise. She’d turned that question over and over in her mind since she’d been out here, in an endless inverted he loves me, he loves me not. She’d analysed every memory, replayed every argument, every tender moment, and she’d come up with a different answer every time.

Clearly she’d needed to wait until the world had ended before deciding that she did love him.

Loved him, wanted him. It was the same thing, wasn’t it? A pull, a stretching of the tether that started with the other person and ended somewhere deep in your chest. She’d felt that tug when they’d talked on the long-distance airwave at the port. When was that? Three weeks ago? The conversation was stilted and artificial. Even though he’d shuttled out to the capital cluster’s long-range station, the time delay was so marked that while she was speaking, the mouth of his crackled doppelgänger was still moving to the echo of his last remark, as though he was talking over her. He was going to Earth for a few weeks, he told her. Work. He just wanted her to know. In case . . .

That in case had been left hanging between them. That was when she’d felt that tug. It wasn’t strong enough to make her say what she knew he hoped she’d say. But when he asked if they could talk again when he got back, she agreed. She’d even found a smile for him as they said goodbye, although it hadn’t quite felt like it fitted, and she didn’t know if he’d seen it before the connection was severed.

He’d been heading for Earth.

Four billion people on Earth. Four thousand survivors.

What were the chances of them both making it? She felt suddenly weak and couldn’t work it out. Panic was starting to swirl up inside her chest.


The Space Between The Stars by Anne Corlett is published by Pan Macmillan, 1 June 2017, £12.99 hardback


About the Author


Anne Corlett Anne Corlett has an MA in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University and has won a number of awards for her short stories, including the H. E. Bates Award. She works as a criminal solicitor and freelance writer, and lives with her partner and three young boys in Somerset. The Space Between The Stars is her first novel.





I hope you enjoyed reading that! My review on this book will be coming soon, in the meantime, check out the rest of the stops on the blog tour:

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Thank you all for reading! Is anyone planning on adding The Space Between the Stars to your TBRs?



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