May Illumicrate Unboxing!

Hey guys! It’s that time of the season again… Illumicrate unboxing time!! I always LOVE getting my hands on my Illumicrate box, and as it’s only seasonally (one box every 3 months), I get extra EXCITED when that time comes around again!

This post is unboxing the May Illumicrate, so if you haven’t received yours yet, this is your spoiler warning!



I’m sure I say this every month, but each month Illumicrate continues to surprise me with the amount they manage to cram into one box! This month’s was full of goodies and I think it may even be my favourite box so far!



First up, we had:

  • An Enchanted Door Hanger and Print by the talented TJ Lubrano, exclusively designed for Illumicrate and GORGEOUS. These are going to be saved very carefully to be displayed in my future library!
  • Swish and Flick keychain by Nutmeg and Arlo in an exclusive colour for Illumicrate. This keychain is very good quality and really cute so I’m looking forward to adding it to my keys.
  • Map bookmark by Penguin Co, exclusively designed for Illumicrate and really pretty! I always love getting bookmarks in book boxes as they seem a natural companion to the books!


And then there were these two gorgeous items:

  • Feyre mug, made with exclusive artwork by Merwild. This ceramic mug is immediately going to join my book shelves, it’s just too pretty to use!
  • Mermaid Lagoon candle, exclusively made for Illumicrate by Flickerink. This Neverland themed candle smells deliciously tropical and is perfect for summer! It’s the perfect size to take on my summer holiday to Morocco this August, so it might just fall into my bag!



The books:

This is the third time that Illumicrate have included two books since I’ve been a rep! Getting two books is awesome! And even more so when one of those is an ARC. *Happy dances* In this box, we got:

  • Truth or Dare by Non Pratt. This is a YA contemporary that was signed by the author (the actual book, not a book plate!) and came with a letter from the author.
  • An advanced reader copy of The Waking Land by Callie Bates with a bookmark and a letter from the author.



The Extras:

Another thing that Illumicrate do that’s fun, is include a bunch of little extras in the box! And this box was no exception. We got:

  • A Windfall poster.
  • A pin from The Gender Games.
  • Mini prints from Taste of Blue Light.



The Unboxing:

And above you can see the full unboxing with all the goodies together! I really loved this box, and if you don’t want to miss out on the next Illumicrate, then you can use my code, COSY10 to get 10% discount off your next box!


Did anyone else receive this box? Did you all enjoy it as much as I did?


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