The Ship Beyond Time (Spoiler Free!) Review

“That’s all we can do. Live in the moment. Love in the moment.”

-Heidi Heilig, The Ship Beyond Time 

Hey guys! Not too long ago I reviewed the YA book The Girl from Everywhere by Heidi Heilig, which you can check out my review of here. (Spoiler alert: I LOVED it!) And today I shall be reviewing the sequel and second book in the trilogy; The Ship Beyond Time.

Now, although this blog post is spoiler free for The Ship Beyond Time, it WILL have spoilers for The Girl from Everywhere, so if you haven’t read that one, read the other review! And then the book. And then get back to me!


So, The Ship Beyond Time picks up exactly where the last book ended, which I always enjoy as you get straight back into the action and aren’t left wondering what’s happened in your absence. As in the last book, Nix’s father has given up trying to save her mother, erasing Nix’s existence in the process, Nix’s dreams of the future become a tangible reality, one that could be possible for her as she takes the helm of her father’s ship. But then she learns of a prophecy looming over her, one that tells her she’s destined to lose the one she loves. Nix can’t stand the idea of losing Kash when they have taken the first steps towards a relationship together, but if she doesn’t push him away, will she lose him forever? Even more dangerous, Nix begins to see the glittering possibilities of changing the past, something her father was intoxicated with attempting in the last book. Is Nix following in her father’s footsteps, or can she really change what has happened to save Kash?

Gah, this series is just SO GOOD! I thought the last book could have been great as a standalone, but the ending and then this book have proved me wrong! Heidi Heilig takes the plot to new destinations with some twists along the way, keeping this second book every bit as fresh and exciting as the first. Exploring themes of free will and fate, The Ship Beyond Time revolves around the core question: Can the past really be changed?

I just love the concept of this trilogy, and it was great to see new locations explored via Nix’s time travelling ship, both real and mythological. The Ship Beyond Time is a beautiful mesh of fantasy and contemporary and time travel all in one, told through Nix’s original voice, with some POV chapters narrated by Kashmir, which is always fun. I really enjoyed the development of the characters, particularly Nix and Kashmir and their budding relationship, and thought that this new installment of their story was just fantastic!

As always, my favourite part was the world building, particularly as it was written in Heidi Heilig’s lush, descriptive prose, conjuring the locations in all their glory in my imagination. 5/5 stars and I can’t wait for the next book!


Has anyone else read this one? What did you think?


“Love is a beautiful drug. Very addictive.”
-Heidi Heilig, The Ship Beyond Time 



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  1. I loved The Girl From Everywhere. Can’t wait to read The Ship Beyond Time. Thanks for the review.

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    1. Thanks for reading! And same here-this series is so great!


  2. Sarah says:

    I am debating whether to start The Girl From Everywhere right now…I borrowed it from the library a while ago, but became too devoted to Lady Mignight to read it, although now that I’m finished with that I really should. I wasn’t aware before that there is a sequel! That’s so cool!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You definitely should! It’s a great read and a lot of fun 😊

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  3. drherron says:

    Hi! I am so happy to read this post because I have read other reviews (including one from NPR) that refers to this series as a duology. Is it definitely a trilogy? I so hope so!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading! Oh, I just presumed it was a trilogy because of the way the second book ended! I’m worried now! 😅


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