Geekerella (Spoiler Free!) Review

“Look to the stars. Aim. Ignite.”

-Ashley Poston, Geekerella

Hey guys! I was absolutely THRILLED when Quirk books sent me this delight of a book! You all know I enjoy reading YA contemporaries anyway, but a YA contemporary that’s ALSO a retelling AND embraces our beloved nerd culture? *Devolves into incoherent flailing*

I was happy.


And reading Geekerella by Ashley Poston also made me very happy! Because it is freaking ADORABLE.

A contemporary retelling of Cinderella, this  book is told through the joint POVs of Elle and Darien, two strong characters that play off each other nicely. Elle is a nerdy blogger and big time fan of Starfield-a classic Sci-Fic TV show that she used to watch with her late father. Before the step-monster and stepsisters arrived and her beloved dad died. Now, she’s working part time at The Magic Pumpkin food truck and blogging about the new Starfield movie. The movie that teen actor Darien has just landed the starring role in. Yep, he’s going to be Federation Prince Carmindor himself. A fact that makes him-a secret super fan-extremely happy about…If only the true Starfield fans would accept him in the role. Add in a cosplay contest, a tonne of fandomness and a big dash of romance and you have the essence of Geekerella: A contemporary YA novel with a big, nerdy heart.

I adored the love letter to fandoms that Geekerella did such a great job of. Elle was a beautifully crafted character, one that I couldn’t help but root for the entire time, and one that I wanted to cry for when things didn’t turn out well for her at certain points. I also really enjoyed the portrayal of Darien’s character-his role of reluctant teenage heartthrob unfolded really nicely and the interaction between Ella and Darien had both characters playing off each other well.

I haven’t read many contemporary retellings of fairytales before, but this one did a good job at following the Cinderella story, with some twists to it. There were nods to the original Cinderella story-The Magic Pumpkin food truck was a great addition-as well as some fresh takes on the story. I particularly liked that one of Elle’s stepsisters was nicer than the other one-it added more depth to her character. The backstory of the “evil stepmother” was also fleshed out a little, making her more human, albeit still really irritating!

Overall, I adored reading Geekerella and it was every bit as cute and heartwarming as I suspected it would be. Five big, beautiful stars from me! I recommend this book to all YA contemporary fans, as well as anyone who belongs to a fandom. The inclusion of Starfield and the world of cons and cosplays makes it a read that most bloggers I know would love, regardless of favourite genres!


Has anyone else read this? Did you love it as much as I did?


“Do I not meet your fangirl expectation?”

-Ashley Poston, Geekerella 


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  2. This book sounds brilliant. I’m a big fairy tale fan so seeing them done with a modern twist is always exciting. I shall be adding this to my list of books to read. Thank you for the review 🙂

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    1. Thank you for reading! I absolutely loved this one! And I agree-modern twists are fun! Enjoy 😊

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