History is all you Left Me (Spoiler Free!) Review

“I’ll never understand how time can make a moment feel as close as yesterday and as far as years.”

-Adam Silvera, History is All You Left Me

Hey guys! Not too long ago I was sent a copy of History is All You Left Me by Simon and Schuster, (thank you!) and I was thrilled! I’d been wanting to read this one and had heard only good things about it. So, did it live up to the hype……?




HIAYLM by Adam Silvera is narrated from the POV of Griffin. We see two different time periods juxtaposed in this book, both from Griffin’s perspective: History and Today. In History we see the evolution of Griffin and Theo’s relationship, from best friends to boyfriends to being deeply in love. In Today we see the heartbreaking consequences that Theo’s death by drowning has incurred on Griffin.

Because, as you can imagine, Griffin is not doing so well. Devastated by grief at losing Theo, with his OCD getting worse, there is only one person that’s helping Griffin at this point…. Theo’s new boyfriend, Jackson.

This makes things more complicated.

Not only does Griffin have to come to terms with what has happened and try to deal with his OCD, he has to navigate the difficult relationship he has with Jackson. He also has to confront the secrets they’ve both buried in the past, hidden truths that must come to light before either of them can move on.

I adored Griffin’s character. He is adorkable and sweet and just made the whole book for me! His relationship with Theo in the past was a beautiful portrayal of first love and what having a best friend means. I especially appreciated the Star Wars and Harry Potter references because I am all about those fandoms! And having books that discuss fandoms makes me inexplicably happy.

HIAYLM explores love, friendship and grief in such an honest and heartfelt way that had me tearing up. Repeatedly. Throughout the book. Although at times it was crushingly sad, at others it was so fun and cute that it provided a good counterbalance. It also dealt with Griffin’s OCD in a great way, showing the real challenge of having that condition and how it impeded Griffin’s day to day life.

Easy to read, and packed with gorgeous prose, I could have read this in one sitting. It’s a contemporary that grips hold of your heart and doesn’t let go. 4/5 stars and I definitely recommend this one for fans of contemporaries!

Has anyone else read this? What did you think?

(TW: Grief, death, OCD)


“One night we argued for a solid hour over who would win in a duel between Lord Voldemort and Darth Vader. I’m surprised we’re still friends.”

-Adam Silvera, History is All You Left Me.


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  1. So glad you enjoyed this! I’ve heard so many amazing things about it so I’m looking forward to finally getting around to reading it. The only problem is finding the time at the minute! I love the cover of this book! Great review ❤

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    1. Thanks for reading! Yes, time is always an issue! This one was quite a fast read though 😊


  2. I can’t wait to pick this up! I actually haven’t read anything by Adam Silvera yet but both of his books are on my TBR. Great review ❤

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    1. Thanks for reading! This one was my first Adam Silvera read and it didn’t disappoint! 😊

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