Shattered Minds (Spoiler Free!) Review

Hey guys! Not too long ago, I received an ARC of Shattered Minds by Laura Lam from the lovely people over at Tor Books to read and review. (thank you!) I wasn’t sure what to expect as I don’t usually read much Sci-Fi, but the blurb of this one had snagged my attention!

Shattered Minds is about Carina, an ex-neuroscientist who has an addiction to the drug Zeal and a secret: She has overpowering urges to kill people. She can stay safe in real life if she kills in her dreams, using Zeal to conjure realistic dreamscapes that she can control. But the more she uses Zeal, the closer she inches towards death. This is her new reality ever since Sudice Inc. damaged her mind when she worked for them, helping to develop their dangerous brain-mapping technology.

Until one day, her dreamscape throws up a vision of a dead girl that she couldn’t have imagined-a girl that was another of Sudice’s experiments gone horribly wrong. When she wakes up, she realises she has information that Sudice will quite literally kill her for. And so begins the race to out Sudice for their ghastly human experiments, before they can find her.

Carina finds an ally in Dax, a specialist hacker, but as they grow closer together, can she control her urges enough to be around him?


In my head I would describe this book as a cross between Dexter and The Matrix, or, as my husband so eloquently put it, “so you’d describe it like a show you haven’t seen and a movie you don’t understand?” YES I WOULD. It is fast-paced and brilliant and hooked me from the start.

I loved Carina’s character. It was so refreshing to see our ideals of a heroine challenged. She’s a drug addict and a serial killer, but she has a real conscience and great character development throughout this novel. So, too, did I like the shifting POVs which explored not only Carina’s character, but Dax’s and Roz’s, too. Dax is a trans character that’s dealing with the recent loss of his sister, along with the upheaval of Carina walking into their band of hackers, and the threat that she may pose to them. Roz is the voice of Sudice Inc. and is a brilliant villian and face of the darker side of the corporation. There are several flashbacks detailing Roz’s experiments on Carina, along with Carina’s past and how she became who she is in the present day, which are very intriguing and flesh out the characters’ backstories nicely.

I really recommend you give Shattered Minds a read, as it is a gripping book that really stays with you, long after you finish it. I loved how unique it was and found its setting of a futuristic San Francisco really interesting! 5/5 stars for this one. It will be released on 15th June 2017 in the UK, so keep an eye out for it!

How many of you guys enjoy reading Sci-Fi? What are your favourite books in this genre?

{TW for murder, death and violence, grief and drug addiction}


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