See How They Lie (Spoiler Free!) Review

“Don’t you want freedom, Mae? Tell me, what’s so wrong with wanting to go running outside the grounds?”

-Sue Wallman, See How They Lie.


Hey guys! How are you all? I’ve crawled out from the depths of editing my book to share my thoughts on See How They Lie by Sue Wallman with you all. A big thanks to Scholastic for sending me a copy of this book!


See how they Lie is a psychological thriller with a mystery at the heart of it:

Mae has grown up at Hummingbird Creek-it’s an uber fancy, exclusive wellness retreat where teenagers are sent to live, attend school, do activities and lead an optimally healthy life, all while getting the help they need from Mae’s father-a leading psychiatrist and advocate of healthy living. One day, Mae is caught breaking the strict rules that govern the teens’ lives and it leads to heavy consequences, leaving Mae questioning everything.

This book was tense, gripping and at only 312 pages (UK paperback edition), I zoomed straight through it! Mae is portrayed perfectly-although I rooted for her from the start, her mindset at the beginning of the book was frustrating, which in itself showed the true nature of Hummingbird Creek as a cult like institute. As the plot develops and she starts to challenge her previous views and question more and more about her life and the Creek, you want to cheer this girl on. The plot was nice and twisty, although I guessed a few things earlier on, I really enjoyed seeing where everything was headed and how it would be resolved.

I’m giving it 4/5 stars as it was a good YA standalone and a great one to binge read!

Who else is a fan of psychological thrillers and mysteries?


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  1. Looks like I’m going to be adding this to my reading list! 🙂

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    1. Let me know what you think of it! 😁

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  2. This sounds incredible, definitely adding it to my ‘To Buy’ list.
    Great review.

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    1. Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy as much as I did ☺


  3. literalmenteeu says:

    i love this book!

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      1. literalmenteeu says:


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