Wishbones Spoiler Free Review

“Can a wish heal a family?”

Hey guys! One of the books I read in January was Wishbones, courtesy of the lovely people at Harper Collins for sending me an ARC.



Wishbones starts when Feather finds her mother has slipped into a diabetic coma. As her mother is one of the most obese women in the UK, Feather knows drastic measures are needed to save her life. So she begins to help her. Try to help her that is, as Feather’s mother doesn’t seem to want to help herself. At all. Becoming increasingly frustrated, Feather soon realises she has to dig deeper to find the root of the problem-how could this have happened in the first place? Involving a diverse collection of friends and family in the investigation, can Feather find out what first triggered it all? And, more importantly, can she still fix things?

Written by Virginia MacGregor, Wishbones is sweet and moving. It has heart, it has humour and it has powerful characters that stick with you. I would recommend this for readers who enjoy YA contemporary that offers perspective and warms your heart. I am giving it 4/5 stars as my only issue was that it was a little young for me-the main character is 14 at the start of the book-so I feel this would be the perfect choice for younger YA readers! (Trigger warning: This book does deal with eating disorders in varying forms so it might be triggering for some.)

Which books have you all been moved by lately? Let me know!


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  1. Great review! I’ve not heard of this one before but it sounds great!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading! It’s out in March!


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