Breakwater Spoiler Free Review!

“The ocean called to him…”
-Errin Stevens, Breakwater.

Hey guys! I was recently very lucky to have been sent a copy of Breakwater by Errin Stevens. It’s the second book in The  Mer Chronicles, after Updrift, which I looooved. So much so, that if you open the cover in Breakwater, you might see something written by someone you recognise! *cough* me *cough*


Anyway, The Mer Chronicles focuses on a group of sirens that live in Griffins Bay and the surrounding water. It’s an NA trilogy with plenty of swoon worthy romance and some good action too! Breakwater, while continuing to update us on some of the main characters from Updrift, also goes into more detail on a set of new characters that we didn’t see as much of in the last book. I wasn’t expecting this, but it soon became my favourite thing about the book-it injected a fresh, new storyline into the mix and another OTP to ship.

I can’t reeeeaaally tell you too much more about this book as I’m trying very hard not to spoil either Updrift or Breakwater for you! But you should read it. You should definitely read it! It is fun, it gives you new ships and it is a great new interpretation of sirens/mermaids. I’m giving it 4/5 stars and am now VERY excited for Outrush, the final installation of the trilogy now.

You can find the Goodreads summary for Updrift here.

Has anyone else read any good mermaid books lately? Let me know what all of your current reads are!


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  1. errinkrystal says:

    I can’t say I’ve ever read any mermaid books before. I’m definitely intrigued.
    Also, cool to see another person with the same name spelling! I’ve never come across another Errin with two r’s.

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    1. Ooh that’s fun! And these are done in such a modern way, they’re really fun reading! ☺️

      Liked by 1 person

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