Frostblood (Spoiler Free!) Review

“You don’t know the effect your words have on me, Lady Firebrand. It took years to build up this ice…”

-Elly Blake, Frostblood.


Hey guys! I got this ARC of Frostblood last year in the summer, in a Fairyloot box I bought but hadn’t gotten around to reading it until the start of this month, when I buddy read it with Christine.

I guess I’d been putting it off as it seemed just wrong to read it in the summer… Everything about it screamed winter…. Hence January.


Anyway, this book was massively hyped up across social media but I felt a little… disappointed by it.

Set in a world where frostbloods are the ruling class, Ruby is a fireblood who has had to hide her powers her entire life. Until her mother is killed, setting a chain of events into motion which compel her into helping a group of frostblood rebels plot to overthrow their own king.

This book was an easy, fast read and entertaining enough in its own right. But it felt very derivative to me, with each part of the book reminding me of another book (The Red Queen or Throne of Glass) or even a scene from a movie I’d seen before! (Return of the Jedi) I also felt like the romance fell flat and I didn’t really root for the couple from the start.

I’d recommend Frostblood if you like these sorts of books and can’t get enough of them, and I did enjoy the writing style, but I personally felt it wasn’t as unique as it was promised to be, so I’m giving it 3/5 stars.

Has anyone else read Frostblood? What did you think? Let me know!



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  1. I definitely agree about the romance, I wasn’t really for it at all. I did like the second half of the book a bit better, since we got to see more of the world and explore Ruby’s character a bit more. Although I thought the ending felt very rushed. Awesome review!! – Abi

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    1. Thanks for reading Abi! Yeah I think I was just hoping for something a bit more special but it wasn’t there for me!


  2. That’s exactly my rating.
    The book wasn’t entire bad but it was just like a constant dejavu: there was nothing new in it.

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    1. Yes exactly! It just all felt so familiar that I was always trying to work out what it reminded me of 😂

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