My Fave Books of 2016!

“I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading!”

-Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice.


Hey guys! So sorry this is a bit late, but here are my favourite books from last year! Last year was the first full year I spent bookstagramming, which introduced me to more wonderful and amazing books than I could have dreamt of! I feel like I definitely read more hyped books because of bookstagram, as well as some self-published books which I never would have heard of otherwise.

I read 123 books in 2016, so as you might imagine, I found it ridiculously hard to pick just 10… Soooo I didn’t. I’ll be brief though!

Here are my favourite hardbacks:Β 


Most of these are self-explanatory and you’ll have seen them all floating around, I’m sure! Some of my random thoughts:

  • ACOMAF, Crooked Kingdom and A Torch Against the Night were all amazing sequels.
  • And I Darken is a gender swapping reinterpretation of Vlad the Impaler and it was MAGNIFICENT.
  • Truthwitch and The Crown’s Game were both strong opening books and I’m excited to read more by both authors!
  • Lady Midnight I waited a long time for and it did not disappoint! I am SO excited to read more…
  • Fantastic Beasts was a great movie and the script is well worth getting for the gorgeous line drawings and beautiful cover alone.
  • The Shadow Sister is book 3 in one of my favourite series: The Seven Sisters. Part adult contemporary, part historical fiction, the concept of this series is epic and the story telling delivers it so well.
  • I know a lot of people had mixed thoughts about Cursed Child, but as soon as I opened that cover, I bawled like a baby. I never ever expected to get another Harry Potter book and for the nostalgia it gave me alone, it belongs on this list.


Onto the paperbacks!



Yep. Carry On is a hardback… Great job at photo taking here, Mia!

Ready for some more random thoughts?

  • Fangirl and Carry On are both my favourite Rainbow Rowell books. I feel like most of bookstagram would love and relate to Fangirl, and Carry On feels like a return to Hogwarts!
  • Rebel of the Sand was an amazingly unique start to a series. I need more!!
  • Gone With the Wind: It’s a classic for a reason.
  • The Bronze Horseman was an epic, romantic and heartbreaking historical fiction.
  • Empire of Storms… Gah. I’m so nervous about how Sarah J Maas is going to finish this one!
  • London Belongs To Me was cute and funny and lovely and I really recommend it!
  • Heartless just blew me away. I LOVED IT SO MUCH.
  • Trick is a self-published book that you need in your life! I adored it!


Thank you all for reading! Have you guys read any of these books or got any on your tbrs? What were your favourite reads of 2016? And did you mind having a rough collection of my random thoughts or would you have preferred a more in-depth blog post?

Happy Fri-YAY!



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  1. Iween says:

    Lovely picks! I absolutely adored Heartless (it was AMAZING), and I’m with you on being nervous about how Sarah J Maas is going to conclude the Throne of Glass series (I love this series so much and have really grown to love the characters. I’m not ready to have my heart broken!). The Crown’s Game is on my tbr list and I’m thinking of reading And I Darken soon, hehe!

    My favourite reads in 2016 include Heartless, A Monster Calls, This Savage Song, Furthermore & Everything Everything!

    Thank you for sharing your favourite picks (and yes, I enjoyed reading your brief thoughts on them rather than in-depths – because it’s short and sweet and an enjoyable read, in my opinion).

    With love, Iween |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Iween! Wow thank you for reading, I’m glad you enjoyed! I was going for short and sweet πŸ™‚ A Monster Calls, This Savage Song, Furthermore and Everything Everything are all on my tbr this year! And I Darken is brilliant, enjoy!


  2. Sakina says:

    Shadow Sister’s sounds so good!! Definitely adding it to my tbr!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is so good!! You need to start with The Seven Sisters (book 1) then The Storm Sister (book 2) first though! ☺️

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Mia, I just wanted to say that I’ve been looking through your blog and I think it is completely stunning – I love all your bookish pictures, and the layout and content is just generally super aesthetic! ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. aww thank you SO much! You’re too sweet! πŸ˜˜πŸ’•πŸ’• Thanks for taking the time to come and look! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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