The Tears of Adina Spoiler Free Book Review!

“…The world you’re entering is different. It’s a world where the unseen rules over what can be seen, where creatures out of legend actually exist.”

          -J.T. Cope IV, Countryside: The Book of the Wise. 


Hey guys! I’m a bit behind with reviews at the moment as I took time off from my blog over Christmas and New Year’s to relax, eat a TONNE of delicious food and go on holiday to Iceland! But now I’m back and catching up! The first book on my list to review is the second book in the Countryside series: The Tears of Adina.


The Countryside series is a middle grade fantasy/magical realism series written by J.T. Cope IV. Centered around the main character, Luke, and his adventures in the world of Countryside, (for more of which, check out my review on the first book, here.) along with a medley of friends, family members and magical creatures, this series is well worth a read!

Luke has returned for another year of magical mischief, exploring and getting himself into trouble. Gnome attacks, mysterious wolves and a mermaid for a teacher set the tone for a fantastical romp of an adventure.

Usually with series, I tend to find the first book the best and the second book a little slow. However, this was not the case at ALL with Countryside! I actually liked The Tears of Adina even more than The Book of the Wise. I was already introduced to Luke’s world, his family and friends and found myself quickly engrossed in it, even though I read it about a month later!

If you enjoyed The Book of the Wise, I seriously recommend that you pick up The Tears of Adina, it is a great sequel and well worth your time! I would especially recommend this to younger readers as it is a middle grade book and suitable for about 8-9 year olds and up. The magic and adventures would really appeal to them and captivate their imaginations!

Thank you so much to J.T.Cope IV for sending me copies of his books in exchange for an honest review, I really enjoyed reading them and can’t wait to see what’s next in stall for Luke and his posse!

Find the author on Instagram, Twitter, his website and Goodreads. (P.S. He has a cool website, you should check that out…)


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