London Belongs to Me Spoiler Free Review!

“Oh-and don’t forget-when you turn our story into a glittering West End production, I insist that you have gorgeous Eddie Redmayne play me.”

-Jacquelyn Middleton, London Belongs to Me.


Hey guys! As you might have seen if you follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter, I read London Belongs to Me last month and seriously loved it! I was very lucky to have been sent a copy by the author, Jacquelyn Middleton, who is just lovely.  I’ll leave her social media links below the review so you can check those out, too.


So, London Belongs to Me follows nerdy cool character, Alex Sinclair. After a nasty recent breakup, we are introduced to Alex as she travels en route from her home in Florida to where she’s always believed she belongs: London.

With just about a year’s worth of rent money, Alex plans to pursue her dream of writing for the theatre while staying with her British friend, Harry. And then comes along a rich rival that will threaten everything…

Disasters, friendships, romance and plenty of fangirling, this is a NA contemporary read that I feel like most of bookstagram would love! References to funko pop shopping, grilled cheese sandwiches and Sherlock aside, Alex is brave. She navigates an entirely new city, complete with setbacks, whilst trying to overcome her anxiety and panic attacks… She had me rooting for her throughout the entire novel. And trust me, it’s the kind of adorable contemporary with heart and laughter that you won’t want to put down. As comforting as a grilled cheese sandwich and easy to get into from the start, I read LBTM in two sittings spent glued to the pages.

London Belongs to Me deserves 5/5 sparkling stars.

I fullheartedly recommend this for every fangirl who enjoys contemporary fiction! Who else is a fan of contemp. reads?

You can find Jackie on:

“The cheesy warmth of the toasted sandwich melting on Alex’s tongue felt like a little slice of home.”

-Jacquelyn Middleton, London Belongs to Me.



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