Heartless Spoiler Free Review

“…She picked through the curled, sugared lemon peels laid out on parchment and arranged them like rose blossoms on the tarts…”

-Marissa Meyer, Heartless.

Hey guys! How are you all? Can you believe it’s December tomorrow?! Nope. Me either! I have a tonne of exciting things I want to do and bake and eat and READ… Which brings me to my favourite book I read in November… HEARTLESS.

Heartless is a standalone (we think) written by Marissa Meyer of The Lunar Chronicles awesomeness. The book is already out in the US in a rather gorgeous hardback edition but it doesn’t come out in the UK until the 2nd February 2017. I was very lucky to receive an ARC of it from Macmillan (thank you!!) and woah did this book reel me in.


Heartless is a YA reimagining of the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. Before she became the queen, she was Catherine. A girl who loved to bake the most exquisite, magical concoctions and wanted nothing more than to open her own bakery with her best friend… And fall in love.

There is a new court jester in town that catches her romantic imagination, but what is she to do when all the fates seemed to have aligned to push her into marrying the King of Hearts? A fate she’d do anything to avoid.

I. Loved. This. Book.

It’s going on my favourite books I’ve read this year pile. I enjoyed The Lunar Chronicles immensely, but something about Heartless really captured my imagination. It’s quirky. It’s deeply whimsical. It has the most magnificent foodie descriptions, which I always LOVE in books. And despite its title, it has heart.

5/5 sparkly stars to this book.

I have to admit, I’ve never been the biggest fan of Alice in Wonderland but I enjoyed Meyer’s depiction of it and some of the most beloved characters immensely. Heartless is written so beautifully and evocatively that I wanted to savour each word as much as I wanted to sample those lemon tarts. And rose macarons. And perhaps even the spiced pumpkin cake…

Who else has read this book? Thoughts?


“We’ll start with the classics-blueberry cobbler, peach cobbler-but then, imagine the possibilities. A lavender -nectarine cobbler one day, and the next, a banana-butterscotch cobbler, topped with graham cracker crumble…”

-Marissa Meyer, Heartless.


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  1. Great review. And isnt that cover simply gorgeous?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading lovely! And yes it is! Although I do feel the need to invest in the US hardback edition now, too 😍


  2. Hoping to read this soon, i’m not the biggest fan of alice in wonderland either, but after the lunar chronicles I feel like I will read anything by this author. Love these pictures 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not the biggest fan of Alice either, but this book is just something else! And thank you so much! 😘


  3. Martian says:

    Well done review

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