Stormswept Spoiler Free Book Review

A while back, I was one very happy bookworm to receive an assortment of books from the lovely people at Gallery Books. I’ve read most of them by now, but in the box, I found Stormswept by Sabrina Jeffries, writing as Deborah Martin. Now, this is not usually the sort of book I read at all! I like my romances modern and funny. Less bodice ripping and more “I’m an empowering woman who buys her own Jimmy Choos” sort of thing. Soooo needless to say, I wasn’t sure WHAT to expect with this one!


My lovely haul *sighs with happiness*

As I’m a reader who loves many MANY types of fiction, I was not deterred and dove straight in. So Stormswept is a bit like a historical fiction set in 18th century Wales, meshed together with the romantic story line of Lady Juliana believing that her husband Rhys has been dead for the past six years…. Only to have him reappear at her betrothal party and quite literally whisk her away.

I’m giving this 3/5 stars as it was a light, fun read, I got through it quite quickly and it held my interest but it’s not my kind of thing! If it’s your kind of thing, then I highly recommend you read it as I’m sure you’ll find it enjoyable!

What do you guys think of this genre of books? Any fans out there?




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