Countryside: The Book of the Wise Spoiler Free Review

“Past the balcony, Luke could see across the entire valley. Tendrils of dark forest climbed the slopes of the eastern hills, and whispers of fog drifted through them.”

-J.T. Cope IV, Countryside: The Books of the Wise. 


Hey guys! I was very lucky to have received the first two (gorgeous hardback!) books in the Countryside series by J.T. Cope IV in exchange for an honest review.(Thank you SO much, they were much appreciated!)

The first in an exciting, middle grade series, The Book of the Wise centres on 11 year old protagonist Luke as he finds out that not everything in this world is as it seems… Read the full summary on Goodreads here.



Although this was a middle grade adventure and I don’t tend to read much MG, this still held my interest and after a few chapters I had become fully engrossed in the storyline. I’m giving this 4/5 stars as I really enjoyed the magical world Luke discovers and seeing what he got up to throughout the course of the school year!

It makes me think of a Texan Harry Potter with football instead of Quidditch… Although I wasn’t a fan of the football bits (that’s just me personally, if you’re into football, you’ll probably love this book even more!) they were easy to read through and the magical elements with centaurs, dryads and soul sucking creatures kept me well entertained. I recommend it if you’re looking for younger readers, or if you want a light, fun adventure read yourself! Because, let’s be honest, you’re never too old for a good adventure!

How many of you guys enjoy reading middle grade books?


“…The world you’re entering is different. It’s a world where the unseen rules over what can be seen, where creatures out of legend actually exist.”

-J.T.Cope IV, Countryside: The Book of the Wise. 




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