Beautiful Spoiler Free Review!

“I just had this really insane person next to me on the plane yesterday and she mentioned going on a winery tour. I had a panicked moment thinking, in some freakish joke the universe is playing, she would be the friend coming along.”

-Christina Lauren, Beautiful.


Recently I was sent Beautiful by Christina Lauren by the fabulous Kristin Dwyer at Gallery Books. I read it in practically one sitting on the train home from Edinburgh and woah was it good!


The 10th and final book in The Beautiful Series, centres on Pippa leaving her cheating boyfriend behind to hop over the Atlantic and go on a wine tasting trip with some of her Beautiful friends. And then we have Jenson. Completely overworked and realising his life is lacking in anything that’s NOT work, he’s persuaded to join his friends to go off on a wine tasting trip… Sound familiar? Yep. It’s the same trip. And it is not the first time Pippa and Jenson have met… Because of course she sat next to him on the flight over to America. And of course she was not okay after catching her boyfriend in the act of cheating on her. There was champagne. There was altitude. There was a WHOLE LOT of drunken rambling. Is Pippa with her bright clothes and zany attitude to life too much for Jenson? Or is she EXACTLY what he needs?

I absolutely loved this book! It was fun, easy to get stuck into the story and the characters leapt off the page and into your imagination. There were many characters appearing that were obviously from earlier books in this series, but as this was the first book I’d read in the series, I didn’t appreciate the references as much as someone who’d read all of the books! For this reason, I’m not going to give it a star rating as I can’t speak about character development or if this is different from the other books in the series. But if you’ve read all the books, this is a beautiful conclusion as it features a series of epilogues dealing with many characters and all the story lines come together nicely.

I highly recommend books by the twin brains of Christina and Lauren if you want something fun, romantic and feel good. This is the second book I’ve read by them and both I just devoured in a matter of hours! These lovely ladies are fast becoming an auto buy team for me and I’m very grateful to Gallery Books for sending me a copy to review!

Who else is a fan?


“What is it about you?”

The answer seemed obvious: “I eat a lot of cheese.”

-Christina Lauren, Beautiful


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  1. I love this series! I haven’t read this novel yet though because I don’t want to say goodbye to these characters! 😛

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    1. aww I know the feeling! I linger over last books in series too!

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