In a Dark, Dark Wood Spoiler Free Book Review!

“It was growing dark, and somehow the shadows made it feel as if all the trees had taken a collective step towards the house, edging in to shut out the sky.”

-Ruth Ware, In a Dark, Dark Wood. 

Looking for something set in a dark dark wood to spook you out? Do you see where I’m going with this….? *evil cackles*

In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware is not an ahhh I’m going to die of terror kind of book; it’s a slow burning, creepy read with an intoxicating mystery at the heart of it that will grip you until the end. I’m giving it 5/5 stars as I read it in one sitting on a train. Yes it was a long train, the train to Edinburgh to be precise, and you might think “Well, Mia you were so bored on that train, of course you read it in one sitting.” NOPE! I am usually so distracted on any kind of transport, particularly ones taking me to fun holiday locations, that I can hardly sit still, my eyes are wandering restlessly and I seem to find a million ways to accidentally nudge/kick/shuffle into my long-suffering husband. So, reading it in one sitting, ON A TRAIN, is actually quite impressive for me!


Nora has been invited to Clare’s bachelorette/hen party, taking place over several days in a large, glass house in a dark wood in the middle of nowhere. But she hasn’t spoken to Clare in ten years, the invitation is a bit of a mystery and the first chapter shows us that Nora is currently in the hospital, covered in blood. Who died? How? And who killed them?

Dark, tense and effective in gluing your nose to the page, this thriller is filled with suspense and delights in teasing the reader by releasing tiny clues that ultimately just confuse you further as you delve deeper into this dark mystery. Written in an easy to follow, holds your interest kind of style, In a Dark, Dark Wood alternates seamlessly between chapters set in the past and present, the state of affairs becoming increasingly filled with suspense right until the end.

I love a good thriller, and this is a GOOD thriller, so I’m giving it a full 5/5 stars. I haven’t been this hooked since Gone Girl or Agatha Christie! I definitely recommend reading this one if you’re looking for something atmospheric to read over long, dark evenings. Just lock the doors… And then wedge a chair under the handle. Because you never know…


“There was someone at the door.”

-Ruth Ware, In a Dark, Dark Wood. 


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