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Hey guys! Today I have a very special announcement… Not only am I taking part in the Conquest: Daughter of the Last King blog tour with this book review, I’ll also be interviewing the author, Tracey Warr, herself! So check out the stops on the banner above and watch this space! Now, on to the review….




Conquest begins in 1093, when Nest ferch Rhys is captured during the Norman invasion of her father’s castle and lands. As her father is the last independent Welsh king and Nest is only 12, she is held hostage and raised by her captors-the Montgommery family. Lady Sybil de Montgommery trains Nest to be a lady and future wife of Arnulf of Montgommery, educating her in courtly manners and French among other things. There’s just one little problem: Nest was already betrothed to a Welsh prince. Who will Nest marry and can the Welsh rebels take back their lands?

Conquest: Daughter of the Last King is the first book in a trilogy that follows Nest, the medieval princess and the ramifications of the Norman invasion on her life. I liked that Nest was a strong female character, struggling against her lack of control in politics and decisions about her own life, especially the medieval attitudes towards women. I was rooting for Nest throughout the book, and am excited to see where her journey continues in the next installment of this trilogy.

Tracey Warr manages to bring forgotten, historical characters to life with such vivacity that their opinions and thoughts leap off the page and resonate with you. Added to the impeccably well researched history and well-conjured settings, Conquest makes for one engrossing historical read.

I recommend this book for fans of historical fiction, particularly those of you that enjoy your histfic meticulously well written. In my opinion, Tracey Warr has a similar writing style to Diana Gabaldon in regards to the attention to detail that she puts into her books.

Published by Impress Books, Conquest was newly released this month, on October 1st. Let me know what you think if you pick up a copy!


“If you hear the bells, it’s a warning of what is to come next.”

-Tracey Warr, Conquest: Daughter of the Last King




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    Sounds good! I’ll have to add to the list ☺

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    1. I hope you enjoy! ☺️

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    1. Enjoy lovely! 💕💕

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