Sweet Filthy Boy (spoiler free) Book Review


“I want to love all of my life as much as I love this night.”

– Christina Lauren, Sweet Filthy Boy. 


Hey guys! Today I’m coming to you with a recommendation for fans of NA contemporary romances- Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren, which was recently sent to me by Gallery Books (thank you SO much!!)

Fun fact: I did not realise that Christina Lauren were actually two besties, Christina AND Lauren, writing together!



I’m giving this book 4/5 stars because I really enjoyed it, and here’s why.

So, Sweet Filthy Boy is book one of the Wild Seasons series and it opens with three best friends, Mia, Lola and Harlow partying in Vegas after their college graduation. And it’s Vegas, so of course they get drunkenly married! The plot thickens when Mia’s fling, Frenchman Ansel, invites her to Paris with him. Feeling frustrated with her current situation in life… she decides to go.

How will her spontaneous decision play out when she starts living with him? And can a one night stand turn into something more meaningful?

This book was perfect for some fun, light reading. It’s (very) steamy in all the right places but was also surprisingly sweet in places and funny in others.

I loved reading the character of Mia and how her past weighed her down-I particularly enjoyed that she made such an uncharacteristic, bold choice in going to France for the summer-who doesn’t love dreaming about summers in Paris?! And, speaking of Paris, the city was as perfect as ever… I absolutely adore books set in Paris, it’s one of my favourite cities in the world, and in this book, it felt like another of the characters as Mia explored and got to know it better. Being set there, it also had some great foodie bits in it, which you all know I enjoy!

I recommend this book for fans of contemporary NA romances, who are looking for a quick, fun read!

Has anyone read it? What did you think?


“I pretend I’m in a movie montage, developing a new morning routine in my fabulous life in Paris…”

– Christina Lauren, Sweet Filthy Boy



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  1. I love these books! The audiobook versions are fab too

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    1. I’m excited to read more of their books! 🙌

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