Illumicrate Unboxing

WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD!! This post is about the August Illumicrate box so if you haven’t received yours yet, look away now!

IMG_4658 (1).JPG

This August, I received my very first Illumicrate box after being chosen as a rep, which was such a lovely surprise that I’m still internally squealing over!

And omg guys, it was jam packed with goodies and surpassed all of my expectations!

So jam packed in fact, it was rather hard to fit everything into one photo and take a gorgeous enough photo to do it justice. But, here we go…


*bows down before the Illumicrate gods*

First up were two, yes TWO books, both us which reached us before their release dates. Nevernight by Jay Kristoff  in HARDBACK and The Graces by Laure Eve. I was desperate for both of these titles and ecstatic when I discovered them in my box!

Nevernight came with a signed bookplate, art card, bookmark and link to a video by Jay Kristoff. The Graces also came with a signed bookplate, along with a letter from the author and witchy temporary tattoos. (So many bookstagram photo ideas to do with that one!)



Next were these awesome then and now trio coasters exclusively designed by Taratjah Art for Illumicrate. These are honestly too awesome to use as coasters! *puts neatly into bookstagram prop basket*




One of my favourite items were these Grisha and Six of Crows colouring quotes exclusively designed for Illumicrate by Ashley Poston. I LOVE everything Leigh Bardugo writes and colouring so this was a match made in heaven for me! There’s also a little colouring competition going on with these quotes so I’m going all out on these lovelies!



We also had this Gilmore Girls inspired In Omnia Paratus tote bag exclusively designed for Illumicrate by Colorful Geekiness, which is perfect as I LOVE The Gilmore Girls, it’s one of my favourite TV shows EVER! (Seen in 2nd photo)

Annnnd this adorable Drink Me strawberry tea which was exclusively blended by Post Tea and smells like a summer dream! I love the cute, Alice in Wonderland themed packaging, too! (Ignore the other 2 books, for some reason I didn’t take one of the tea on it’s own for the unboxing feature so this is an upcoming bookstagram photo of mine!)



Other extras included in the box included art from Red Rising, Unboxed and exclusive discount vouchers.

So, to summarise, I was an extremely happy bunny and can’t WAIT for the November box! If you’re ordering one, I’ll love you forever if you use my discount code COSY10 for 10% off!

Thanks for reading guys and have a lovely day!


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  1. So many wonderful items! I love this crate! ❤

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  2. This month was so lovely *o*

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  3. readandseeksa says:

    Oh my Gosh this must be such an exciting experience!

    Nihaad – Read & Seek

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    1. It really is so much fun! 😊

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