Self-Published Books I Recommend

Recently I’ve been lucky to have received a selection of self-published books sent to me very kindly by their authors. So I decided I’d blog about my favourites! In no particular order, I’ve chosen the three that I loved the most.



First up is Fire & Ice by Michele Barrow-Belisle, the first book in the Faerie Song Trilogy. You can read the synopsis on Goodreads here.

A gorgeous YA fantasy which transports you into the world of elves and faeries with high stakes, swoon worthy romance and good characters, this was a really enjoyable read. Read this for a fun fantasy and an action packed plot that kicks off after an atmospheric  start.

Book two, Bittersweet is already out and I’m excited to read it now. 

EDIT: Fire and Ice is not self-published, it is published through a smaller company. Sorry for the error! However I’m leaving the book on this post as it deserves more attention anyway!




Next up is the YA fantasy Treacherous Shadows by fellow bookstagrammer Jennifer Parr Book one in the Avalon Valley trilogy, I found this book to be one of the most unique I’ve read in a while. You can read the synopsis on Goodreads here.

Treacherous Shadows had a strong romance but more than anything, strong and close family relationships, which you don’t often see in YA books! It focused a lot on the main character Aeria’s  homelife, which I personally enjoyed as I love reading about day to day life in different settings and anything with food and baking in is a winner for me!




And lastly is Give it Back by Danielle Esplin. Check out the synopsis on Goodreads here.

A gripping thriller for adults with plenty of twists and turns, I flew through this, desperate to find out what had happened!  Read this for a compulsive mystery that keeps you guessing throughout the book.


So there you have it! My three favourite self-published books. There have been others that I’ve enjoyed, too, but I don’t read too many books that have been self-published, only the ones that stand out as being something special to me!

Which self-published books have you guys read and enjoyed?




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  1. missbooksandthings says:

    They all sounds so good. Gosh putting them on my ever growing TBR list. *sigh*

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    1. Hehe I know the feeling!


  2. WeeReader says:

    Great post Mia! I really need to read more self-published books!

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  3. Fantastic post! I should definitely support more self-published authors!

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